Spurse is designed for influencers to create a new revenue stream by earning passive incomes from their fans’ everyday purchases, both on-line and in-store.

Just connect with fans. Our technology tracks every purchase made by a fan and automatically post a commission into your spurse wallet.

Early Adopters Perks

  • Founder commission up to 20% more from your fans’ purchases.
  • Public and Private account.
  • Live streaming shopping feature for selected influencers.
  • Shopify access to connect your store and showcase your own products.
  • We will select up to 100 influencers for Early perks.


  • 2k minimum followers on social media.
  • Invite your fans to Spurse.
  • Promote your Spurse content through your social media.
  • Create content in the Spurse App.
  • US influencers.


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