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SPURSE Launches in the USA as the first social shopping video App to make money along with your friends'.

Miami Beach, July 19th, 2022

Spurse Inc. launches its operations in USA and Mexico with the BETA version of its app named Spurse, which will be the first video shopping app to make money along with your friends'.

"Spurse is something that was missing, it is the first content app that allows anyone to be an influencer and make money," mentions Christian Kirsebom CFO at Spurse. Spurse's inclusive technology allows any user to access thousands of brands, create videos recommending them, and earn money when they or their friends' shop. In an industry that is growing tremendously every day, the consumer world is aiming for all online purchases to be made through social networks, either through the recommendation of an influencer or a friend. But the problem is that only a few users are accessing the technology to monetize their social influence or the brands to make money. More than 90% of social media users lack the knowledge and technology to generate income through their content or by recommending products to their friends. "We all use TikTok to have fun or Instagram to see fashion, but not everyone makes money when someone asks us about a product they see on our post, and they want to shop, or when we want to recommend something we like on social media. Spurse will be the new Tik Tok to make money as an influencer" concludes Kirsebom.

In a world where young users need to generate new income, Spurse is the perfect App to generate income in a natural, fun, and social way.

As part of its market entry strategy, Spurse counts on the participation of important influencers in the music, fashion, and beauty industry, who will start creating content for the application. "Spurse helps me to monetize my content in a natural way, without sending links or codes, and earn passive incomes for my fan's purchases, just by being connected to them," said Allanna Cuellar, Spurse brand ambassador, and fashion influencer.

Spurse has commercially closed important online brands in the USA and Mexico such as Amazon, Shein, Calvin Klein, Apple, Guess, Sephora, and more.  The company has also developed an application on Shopify so that small brands can use its technology, upload their stores and access thousands of users who will want to recommend them for an economic benefit.Spurse aims to become the new Tik Tok of shopping for young people but with an additional ingredient since his birth: monetization.

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